WHAT IS A WMS ? 2019-02-26T11:45:39+00:00

A WMS is a warehouse management system. The WMS enables many companies around the world to:

  • Increase the level of reliability of stocks

  • Optimize the storage within the warehouse

  • Increase the processing time of customer orders

  • Achieve productivity gains

  • Have a better quality for the picking and packing

  • Have a better flow tracking

  • Manage the activity in real time

Among the main features of a WMS, we can mention:

  • Management of all inbound activities: pre-receiving, receiving, inventory management and putaway

  • Management of all outbound activities: inventory allocation, picking and packing, loading and shipping

Calyans consultants play a decisive role to support you in the implementation of your WMS, maintaining it in operational conditions and finally in its evolution as part of continuous improvement projects