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Are you a WMS vendor ?



Here are our solutions for you!

Our knowledge of your business as a WMS software company with more than 6 years of experience as a Manhattan Associates (WMOS) partner and with more than 10 years of experience as a Symfony (WMS Gold Stock) partner and our strategic positioning allows us to provide customized solutions.

#1 : Increase the size of your WMS team

For punctual or long-term needs, we can set up a team of functional and technical WMS consultants. This team will be trained according to your methods and can work with you and intervene in extension of your internal resources.

#2 : Analyze, design and develop solutions around your WMS

If some developments requested by your clients do not necessarily fit into the heart of your WMS, we can support their analysis, design and development.

#3 : Resume all or part of the support of your WMS

Whether for corrective or evolution maintenance, we work with a methodology that relies on processes and service levels (compliance indicators, ..) that guarantee a perfect support for your client tickets for all their issues related to your WMS.

#4: Test the standard features set up on your WMS or your specific developments

Testing is essential to make your WMS reliable, efficient and credible. This is why Calyans has set up a pool of experts specialized in all the testing processes related to your WMS : integration testing, acceptance testing, non-regression testing, …



Are you a company operating in the retail, the industry or in the logistics services sector ? Do you want to implement a WMS or have you already implemented it and you want to maximize the benefit from using your WMS?


Here are our solutions for you!

By collaborating with many actors in the logistics services, industry and retail sectors such as Bolloré Logistics, Leroy Merlin, Picwic, Socara, Renault… Calyans has acquired significant experience in these sectors. We can help you on your project of implementing your WMS or take advantage from using your WMS by offering our expertise on this topic.

# 1: Support in writing the business requirements for your WMS

The definition of the need is probably the most important step of a WMS project. End-users are not always able to provide a clear and especially accurate view of their needs due to multiple reasons. That is why our consultants are here to bring you all their know-how to support you in writing this particularly important document.

# 2: Write the functional and technical specifications for your WMS

When the users have listed the needs, it is imperative to translate them in functional and technical language in order to be able to find the best solution to use at the WMS level. Calyans can be in charge of this step.

# 3: Advise and Implement a WMS solution from the market

The Calyans teams, in their WMS market technology intelligence, always keep a watchful eye on all WMS solutions that are available for companies. This allows us to always be at the forefront of available WMS and to provide to our clients the best-suited solution to their needs.

# 4: Develop specific solutions for your WMS

The available solutions on the market, even if they are numerous, do not always meet all your requirements. It is for this reason that we provide specific developments that can be integrated into your existing WMS.