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We have partnered with the Dutch vendor Davanti Group and we are the first distributor and integrator in France of their Corax SaaS WMS.

What is the Corax SaaS WMS?

From the user interface which you can access from anywhere in the world, you have direct access to all the information on your warehouse operations.
The CORAX SaaS WMS is fully hosted in the cloud. The CORAX SaaS WMS has several modules which together ensure control, efficiency and optimal connection of your operations in the warehouse.

Efficient management of your warehouse operations…

  • Accurate inventory management and real-time insight

  • Error-free shipments

  • Easy processing of sales orders

  • Flat rates : SaaS subscription on a monthly basis

  • KPIs with clear reports

…Easy and user friendly…

  • Automatic updates

  • Use of Corax App with your smartphone as well as with any logistic scanner

  • No special IT knowledge needed to use Corax SaaS WMS

  • 100% cloud solution always accessible from any device anywhere in the world

  • All functionalities can be switched on and off as desired

…Expert teams to support you

  • Microsoft Technology : modern and future-proof
  • A WMS vendor with more than 25 years of experience in logistics

  • Continuous development with one version strategy

  • Calyans experienced consultants,  Corax SaaS WMS experts, always ready to assist you

  • Help is always nearby with tutorials, manuals and support

Among the companies that use the Corax SaaS WMS, we have Royal Mosa BV, P&O Ferrymasters, Eimskip, Alert Logistics, NewCold, Pas Reform, Camps Transport, Van Lith Transport…

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